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Having trained as a painter at the start of the 1980s under the influence of early Artscribe ideas, I inherited a defining interest in process and surface. Subsequent involvement in collaborative, politicised and public projects, in a range of media and contexts, re-shaped my priorities as an artist before a renewed commitment to painting in the 1990s.

Painting for me is a platform on which to explore an impossible admixture of concerns….. reference and invention, form and improvisation, memory and imagination, the abstract and the concrete, the real and the fictive.

I usually work in series (see the sections on different groups of works on the website) and sometimes in relation to place, although never topographically. Colour and the paint itself remain constant obsessions in a game that embraces Greenberg's idea of Modernist flatness whilst subverting it with vivid but often contradictory uses of visual space. In this game representation continues to be a slippery, complex, ambivalent proposition